The year of the Real you

So, here we go again, dreaming and making plans for a new year ahead. Some say it would be better, some it would turn to the worse, but what are you really feeling? How do you want it to be? If this year would be a blank paper and you could write what you want, what would that be? Let’s make a list of things you want . Are there objects? Are there goals? Are there money and power? What is that tou want? I want to be me, the true me that I am. And I know from that point I will get whatever I need or want. The key is to want it for real, for the real me. Not fooled by a crazy mind, not cheated by false collective mind, not pushed by emotions! None of that! That is over! I choose only what my real me wants, for the real me. This year is going to be the year of the reveal. The big reveal of the real me, of the real you. It is that kind heart that has always been with you, never distracted, never gone, always by your side. Let it shine now, let it be, let it inspire the world. If you are not yourself, you deprive the univers of the real you. Release any fear, all judgment and just be you. I don’ know how the real me is like, but I sure know it feels amazing!

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